What a great way to get noticed! A powerful house soap scented in a crisp scent makes a big statement! These soaps are MADE TO ORDER.

Attach one of our uniquely crafted house soaps to your business card and be remembered!  More and more corporate clients and business owners are standing out from the pack with these budget friendly marketing tools that can be left anywhere.

Perfect for realtors, mortgage brokers, house builders, repair men and more!

Shown here is a recent mortgage broker card with houses scented in beach!!

This is truly an effective sales and marketing idea for anyone in any business!!!!!

Coming from my own selling experience for close to 20 years, I was able to build a business and brand by simple marketing techniques like this.  Why do this extra effort? 

 A. You want to be remembered from everyone else!! Everyone has a business card but yours will capture their attention immediately!!

 B. You want them to think of YOU and talk about you after you leave! (you can even leave this on a desk or mailbox and be effective or pop in the mail)  

 C. Of course get the sale with honest hard work, caring attention to your customer and alot of follow up and follow through with your promises!!  

 This simple idea may be just what you need to capture their attention! 

 This is an EASY and LOW COST way to leave a small token item ALONG with your card that keeps selling your story even after you leave! 

Here is just one example of our business card soaps! We offer many unique soap shapes that can be attached to your card like this easy one!

 ***Email for a custom design at soap@gourmetsoapmarket.com Custom molds require a minimum order.



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