We did it with this one! We captured the scent of the SUN, SAND and OCEAN in a soap bar!  Create the beach experience right in your own shower!

These handmade vegetable glycerin soaps are blended with the finest blend of essential and fragrance oils. You will love the softness of the soaps and the lasting fragrance!

All of the glycerin soaps are blended with a Hypo Allergenic Base and a Coconut Oil and Glycerin Base. These soaps are vegan friendly with no animal products. Shelf life is generally one year if unused. Bars are approximately 5oz in size.

Read what our customers have to say!

"I ordered the duck bride and groom as a "cute little gift" for my aunt and uncle who were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary; they requested NO GIFTS (but I had to get them a little something) --  they just loved the soaps!!!   I also bought a bar of "The Beach" soap, to try it out, and low-and-behold my six-year-old son STOLE IT FROM ME, with complete drama he stands over the sink, inhales deeply smelling the soap and exclaims, "Aahhh, this is soooo relaxing!"  (I am not kidding!) The birthday bar soaps are also a HUGE HIT as a little gift for my girlfriends and I personally love the "Kiwi Bergamot" bar soap!  It is phenomenal."      DK Geegan, St. Petersburg, FL
LOVE MY BEACH ITEMS! Thanks for a great product! I will buy more when I use this! Shouldn't be long because it is a daily ritual: Beach Whip and Beach Spray! Yummy! Love all the samples, too! Thanks!  Gina, Chicago, Illinois
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